The low-carbohydrate, low-GI, high-calorie diet for weight loss that works – for life!

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Picture of Monica in a two-piece bathing costume to show how overweight she was in 1959
Nude picture of Monica taken in 1964 showing the benefit of 2 years on an unrestricted-calorie diet
When she married in 1957 at the age of 19, Monica was 5' 6" tall and weighed 140 lbs. By 1959, when the above photo was taken, Monica's weight had risen to 168 lbs. In 1962 we found the low-carb, high-fat diet. Two years later, Monica was the only European photographic model in Singapore. Her weight now was just 122 lbs. That's a loss of 46 lbs!

All diets show before and after pictures, but how many can show that after more than 50 years the weight has not come back on?

Monica, now aged 74, still has her youthful — and slim — figure.

Picture of Monica after 52 years on an unrestricted-calorie diet, to show she had not regained weight
"Natural Health and Weight Loss may be the best non-technical book on diet ever written"
Joel Kauffman, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, PA

When I wrote Eat Fat, Get Thin! in 1999, it was one of the first popular diet book to talk about the Glycaemic Index (GI). Now, of course, everyone has gone GI mad, as diet book writers who advocated different diets have jumped on the bandwagon.

And most are very misleading.

I haven't changed. My message is still the same — and it is now backed up by even more scientific evidence as many studies have been published in the seven years since I wrote EFGT.

And this way of eating is not just good for weight loss. Over 70 other common, chronic, degenerative diseases are also cured or prevented by this way of eating. They range from the serious such as heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and dementia to the less serious, but no less distressing such as acne, irritable bowel syndrome, and short sightedness in children.

Natural Health & Weight Loss

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FOREWORD by Joel M Kaufmann, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
PART ONE NATURAL HEALTH & WEIGHT LOSS IN PRACTICE 17 Part One explains how to change your diet for a slimmer and healthier life
1: LET'S GET STARTED 19 The rules outlined so that you can get started straight away
2: BREAKFAST: THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY 37 Explains what breakfasts are best for weight loss and health
3: EAT REAL FOOD 47 Why meal replacements, pills and supplements are unnecessary and may be harmful
4: TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL DIETING 60 Lots of ideas on keeping costs down and managing this way of eating
5: THE IDEAL DIET FOR DIABETICS 74 Why this diet is the best and healthiest for diabetics
6: PREVENTION IS BETTER 85 How to bring up your children so that they are healthy and slim for life
7: DEALING WITH DOCTORS 102 Refutes common arguments
PART TWO THE EVIDENCE 115 Part Two present evidence and explains in detail why this way of eating is so much healthier
8: MR BANTING'S DIET REVOLUTION 117 The story of low-carb diets for weight loss over 140 years – and the evidence for them
9: IT'S IN OUR GENES 131 Looks at our genetic background and our evolution.
10: THE METABOLIC SYNDROME 146 Explains why carbs are so damaging and increase a wide range of diseases
11: GLYCAEMIC TRUTH 155 The Glycaemic Index is widely misrepresented. This Chapter tells the truth about GI and GL
12: EAT LESS, WEIGH MORE? 167 Why our so-called 'healthy' diet actually causes overweight and obesity
13: WHY BLAME CHOLESTEROL? 197 The 'healthy' diet is based on fears of heart disease. This chapter tells why that is nonsense.
14: WHY HEALTHY EATING ISN'T 207 Explains the harm that 'healthy' diets cause. Also explains how the body's own regulating systems work
15: WHY YOUR LOW-CARB DIET MUST BE HIGH-FAT, NOT HIGH-PROTEIN 227 Because of fears about fat, low-carb dieters tend o go high-protein. Explains why this is wrong
16: EXERCISE ISN'T NECESSARY 244 Why telling you to eat lots of carbs and then exercise to use up the excess energy is stupid
17: FAT OR FASHION? 257 Many people diet when they aren't overweight. Why this is not a good idea.
APPENDIX A: DISEASES HELPED OR PREVENTED BY THE NATURAL HEALTH AND WEIGHT LOSS WAY OF EATING 264 Lists 70 diseases, caused by incorrect diet, that benefit from the regime recommended here
APPENDIX C: GLOSSARY 296 Although the book is written in easy language, some more technical terms are explained in detail
APPENDIX D: RELIABLE SOURCES OF INFORMATION 294 Useful sources of reliable information
RECIPES, MENUS AND FOOD PREPARATION 313 I don't want to dictate what you must eat. Here are some menu plans, recipes, and ideas to enable you to adapt what you like now.
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Con una dieta rica en proteínas
Barry Groves

Un método revolucionario para perder kilos sin penurias ni agobios.
El Dr. Groves propone una dieta, científicamente probada, basada en la ingestión de un elevado número de grasas y proteínas animales y en la reducción del consumo de hidratos de carbono.
El lector descubrirá paso a paso cómo recuperar la buena forma sin padecimientos inútiles y contraproducentes.

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