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Eet vet word slank

Eet vet word slank gepubliceerd januari 2013

In dit boek lees je o.a.: * heel veel informatie ter bevordering van je gezondheid; * hoe je door de juiste vetten te eten en te drinken kan afvallen; * hoe de overheid en de voedingsindustrie ons, uit financieel belang, verkeerd voorlichten; * dat je van bewerkte vetten ziek kan worden.

Trick and Treat:
How 'healthy eating' is making us ill
Trick and Treat cover

"A great book that shatters so many of the nutritional fantasies and fads of the last twenty years. Read it and prolong your life."
Clarissa Dickson Wright

Natural Health & Weight Loss cover

"NH&WL may be the best non-technical book on diet ever written"
Joel Kauffman, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, PA

Coley's Toxins:
Letter to Townsend Letter to Doctors by Wayne Martin

 Letter to Townsend Letter for Doctors:

In the Feb/Mar issue of the TLFD, I had a letter saying let's bring back Coley's Mixed Toxins. In the Aug/Sept 1994 issue I had a letter telling the history of Coley's Toxins and of, in my estimation, one of the great heroes in medicine, Dr. William Coley. This is to report on a recent case of dramatic recovery of a very far advanced cancer patient on treatment with Coley's Toxins in 1994

The patient is a woman age 72 with ovarian cancer. The reporting physician is Donald Mantell M.D. of Evans City, PA. In early 1993 the patient was found to have a small ovarian tumor. By November 1993 her condition had deteriorated greatly. At that time her CA 125 was 3,910. She had metastases around and displacing the liver and other metastases in the peritoneum and pelvis.

The patient continued in a pattern of deterioration and on 02115/94 a CT showed liver displacement by a large tumor and extensive peritoneal metastases. The patient was in constant pain and there was visable swelling in the area of the liver. Hope was running very low for this patient. Her CA 125 was 5920.

About 16 months ago I went to Guatemala City where I met a Dr. Rolando Comparini. I took or sent to him what was needed to make Coley's Mixed Toxins and lectured him on the use of it. There is a fine small hospital there in which cancer patients can live while being treated with Coley's Toxins. Dr. Comparini has been treating a few American cancer patients there. The above patient was one of them. Other parties have taken over what I started in Guatemala and I am not entirely happy with the way things have developed. What has happened is that American cancer patients have been sent to Guatemala for 30 days of treatment only. My state of unhappiness has to do with this inadequate duration of therapy.

However what happened to this ovarian cancer patient in 30 days was little short of a miracle. She had 18 intravenous infusions (IVs) of Coley's Toxins that all produced a severe fever and chills reaction. In a few of them there was increased pain in the pelvic area, but after iv number 14, there was almost complete relief from pain. The visual swelling decreased and the patient began to eat and sleep well and live a near-normal life

Back in the US she is living a normal life and her CA 125 is 2206. Now we get to my unhappiness over 30 days only of treatment. The CA 125 of 2206 tells of active cancer that remains.

Another breast cancer patient I am following who was one of the patients who went to Guatemala for 30 days of treatment had bone metastases and severe bone pain. She also had dramatic relief from pain that happened by about IV 16 and she returned home nearly free from pain. Now after four months at home the severe bone pain has recurred.

I think that Coley's Toxins used in a proper manner for a long enough duration could cure well over half of all cancers that are solid malignant tumors.

These two cases may throw some light on why Coley's Toxins did not long survive the death of Dr. Coley in 1936. His daughter Helen Coley Nauts D.Sc. founded Cancer Research Institute in 1953 and it has grown into a fine prestigious institution. She has written and published 18 Cancer Research Institute monographs on Coley's Toxins replete with remarkable and dramatic remission of cancer. While in the period 1893 to about 1953 there were perhaps over 2,000 cancer patients treated with Coley's Toxins, she has found complete records of about 950 cases. Of these there were something over 400 cases of meaningful long time regression, many of lifelong cures where the patients lived to old age to die of a cause other than cancer.

There were also something over 400 cases listed as failures where after treatment the cancer recurred.

There was a marked difference between the failures and the long-term cures. In nearly all of the failures the duration of treatment was for 60 days or less. In all of the long term regressions and cures, the duration of treatment was from 4 months to over a year.

In a great many of the failed cases there was initial dramatic relief from pain, shrinking of tumors as is being seen with the few patients in Guatemala. For many years I have asked myself why were there so many cases, where notwithstanding the good indications, did treatment not continue beyond 60 days. We see a bit of the answer in the above two cases. Here a doctor, arbitrarily decided on 30 days of treatment and this doctor has shown signs of satisfaction with the results.

In Caracas, Venezuela we are seeing a pattern of 45 days of treatment and no more. In Venezuela the government pays for medical treatment, but not for Coley's Toxins. There we see a pattern of patients being helped by Coley's Toxins but running out of money to pay for more treatment.

The material cost in making Coley's is nil, about $10 in materials will make enough Coley's Toxins to treat many cancer patients. To make enough Coley's Toxins to treat several thousand cancer patients will tie up about four square feet of counter space in a doctor's laboratory for 21 days. The hours needed in making a large lot of Coley's Toxins is not more than 10.

Today many doctors have an Iv room (in their office. One IV of Coley's Toxins should not be in excess of $50 and could be less. These patients in Guatemala had about 18 IVs which is not nearly enough

I show here a scenario where it may be possible for $5,000 in medical charges for each, to cure a lot of cancer patients with no time in a hospital at all. But treating cancer with Coley's Toxins in the US today is illegal

Wayne Martin, 25 Orchard Dr, Fairhope, Alabama 36532 Fax 205-928-0150

Last updated 28 January 2010

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