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Eet vet word slank

Eet vet word slank gepubliceerd januari 2013

In dit boek lees je o.a.: * heel veel informatie ter bevordering van je gezondheid; * hoe je door de juiste vetten te eten en te drinken kan afvallen; * hoe de overheid en de voedingsindustrie ons, uit financieel belang, verkeerd voorlichten; * dat je van bewerkte vetten ziek kan worden.

Trick and Treat:
How 'healthy eating' is making us ill
Trick and Treat cover

"A great book that shatters so many of the nutritional fantasies and fads of the last twenty years. Read it and prolong your life."
Clarissa Dickson Wright

Natural Health & Weight Loss cover

"NH&WL may be the best non-technical book on diet ever written"
Joel Kauffman, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, PA

Saturated Fat Index

There are two prime 'healthy eating' mantras that are drummed into us incessantly. The first, that we should eat at least '5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day', was comprehensively refuted by three studies published in 2002-2004. The other piece of dogma is that saturated fat causes heart disease and should form no more than 10% of our calorie intake.

But that is not what the evidence says.

Saturated fat reduces stroke risk

Saturated fat lowers heart disease in women

Swedish PhD Student Shows That Saturated Fat and Full-cream Dairy Are Healthier For Children

Now, saturated dairy fat reduces the risk of a heart attack!

No evidence that dietary saturated fat is a cause of cardiovascular disease

Saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids (animal fats) reduce pancreatic cancer risk