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Eet vet word slank

Eet vet word slank gepubliceerd januari 2013

In dit boek lees je o.a.: * heel veel informatie ter bevordering van je gezondheid; * hoe je door de juiste vetten te eten en te drinken kan afvallen; * hoe de overheid en de voedingsindustrie ons, uit financieel belang, verkeerd voorlichten; * dat je van bewerkte vetten ziek kan worden.

Trick and Treat:
How 'healthy eating' is making us ill
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"A great book that shatters so many of the nutritional fantasies and fads of the last twenty years. Read it and prolong your life."
Clarissa Dickson Wright

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"NH&WL may be the best non-technical book on diet ever written"
Joel Kauffman, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, PA

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How do you adjust to the possibility your favourite health food is toxic and dangerous? On the good food website, Lorette C. Luzajic writes a great article "Spilling the Beans". Read the full article here.

For New Zealand Readers: Sally Fallon Tours New Zealand

Weston A. Price journeyed to NZ in the 1930's ( as a guest of the Govt ) and other countries studying and documenting traditional diets and their health benefits.

Sally Fallon ( ) has picked up his work and now travels the world talking to people about Price's findings and the simple commonsense ideas our ancestors used to keep their families alive for centuries. Her team also do a lot of work investigating the modern dangers of Soy products, Vegetable oils and the myths about Cholesterol.

Below are the details of her current tour of New Zealand, and booking information.

DOWNLOAD: Sally Fallon Seminar Booking Form

Invercargill: Sat May 5 (2007), 1pm – 5.30 pm.
Contact Sherry Elton 03 213 1156

Christchurch: Tues May 8 (2007), 7pm – 10.30pm.
Contact Kieran Whelan: 03 351 9733. Email:

Wellington: Thur May 10 (2007), 7pm – 10.30pm.
Contact Deb Gully: 04 934 6366. Email:

Hamilton: Sat May 12 (2007), 1pm – 5.30pm.
Contact: Ray Ridings 07 867 6809.

Ellerslie: Tues May 15 (2007), 7 pm.
Phone Allison Ellett (09) 420 8584.

Her book "Nourishing Traditions" is on sale and is a combination of hundreds of recipes and information that is changing the lives of people with allergies and other diet related health issues. You can also still get Weston A Price's classic book "Nutrition & Physical Degeneration" from or call (03) 214 3490.

This is useful information to the health conscious families of the region and we recommend you book now. We have attached a flyer and a booking form to make it easy - check the website for yourself and we also ask that you forward this on to any friends or groups your involved with who you think might be interested.

Below is a summary of the Hamilton and Invercargill seminars. The Ellerslie Wellington and Christchurch events will be shorter versions of this.

Nourishing Traditional Diets: The Key to Vibrant Health: Animal fats, properly prepared whole grains, enzyme-enriched foods and nourishing bone broths kept our ancestors healthy. Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Traditions, explains why you need these foods too. Beginning with a presentation of Dr. Weston Price's unforgettable photographs of healthy traditional peoples, Sally explains the underlying factors in a variety of traditional diets that conferred beauty, strength and complete freedom from disease on so-called primitive populations. Then she presents a step-by-step plan to put nourishing traditional foods--foods that your family will actually eat--back into your diet including easy breakfast cereals, soups, snack foods, high enzyme condiments and soft drinks that are actually good for you!

Learn about:

  • Butter, the number one health food
  • Vital role of high cholesterol foods
  • Dangers of modern soy foods and soy infant formula
  • The conspiracy to promote vegetable oils and hydrogenated fats
  • Foods that help babies grow up smart and strong
  • Old fashioned foods that give limitless energy and vibrant health
  • The unfortunate consequences of modern farming methods

An articulate communicator, Sally Fallon blends culinary expertise with a finely honed capacity to cut through to the truth about our eating habits and their consequences. Her full-spectrum nutritional cookbook, Nourishing Traditions (, shows through research and recipes how the wise food choices and preparation methods of isolated traditional cultures promoted vigorous good health, longevity and freedom from dental problems and mental disorders. She serves as the founding president of the Weston A. Price Foundation (


The Trouble with Tofu- Once hailed as a wonder food, soya is now at the centre of a furious debate, blamed for a wealth of health problems and vilified as an environmental pest, reports Jolanta Chudy. Read the article here. Source: United Arab Emirates Airline inFlight Magazine.

Making Waves - This article from WorldNetDaily discusses feminizaton and male homosexuality as a side effect of plant estrogens in soy. "There's a slow poison out there that's severely damaging our children and threatening to tear apart our culture. The ironic part is, it's a "health food," one of our most popular." Jim Rutz's controversial article "the Trouble with Soy" has caused a huge reaction, and has prompted 5 follow up articles, the latest of which can be read here.

"Please Be Cautious With Soya" -an article summarising some of the dangers of soya - Read the article here.

An accurate and simple explanation of soy toxicity from Daily Health News. Read the article here.

-Randall Neustaedter OMD. Soy beans and soy products are not appropriate foods for infants or children, not tofu, soy milk, or soy formula, not soy hot dogs, sausages, soyburgers, or textured vegetable protein. Not ever. Although soy has been promoted as a health food and an excellent alternative protein source with numerous health benefits, the proven adverse health effects of soy on children far outweigh any positive or philosophical reasons to eat soy products. Soy proponents claim that soy can lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease and breast cancer, and reduce bone loss in menopause. Farmers are cautioned not to feed growing domestic animals a diet high in soy protein. Pigs, whose digestive tracts are very similar to humans, are allowed only one percent of their feed as soy because of the risk of adverse effects on digestion and immune function (Bee, 2000). Soy product consumption has been linked to a long list of diseases and hormone dysfunctions in children including thyroid disease, mineral malabsorption, diabetes, and abnormal sexual development. Here is the evidence that you should not feed your children soy products. Soy foods depress thyroid function. This depression of the thyroid gland is capable of inducing a hypothyroid state, autoimmune thyroid disease, and goiter (swelling of the thyroid gland). Soybeans contain compounds that inhibit thyroid peroxidase- (TPO) catalyzed reactions that are essential for the production of thyroid hormone (Divi, 1997). Read the whole story here.

U.S. soy processing industry applies all their venom and power to have a federal laboratory that displeases them shut down and the staff disbanded. Read the article here.

A reader of "Wise Traditions", the renowned magazine of the Weston A. Price Foundation, recounts her experience of the effects of soy on a feline population. her report is typical of the effects of isoflavones (estrogenic soy toxins). Download the published letter here.

The Simple Soya Truth - by by Patrick Quanten MD. "I hope that once you have finished reading this article you will never ever make an issue out of soya. I have finally given in to putting down the available information on the subject as I am astonished at the continuing ignorance within the population. One would have hoped that by now the message had filtered through to the masses, but it just shows how powerful the advertising machine is and how little attention our specialist advisers are giving to research that should have fundamentally changed their views many years ago."
Why did we get told to use soya, which is alien to the Western diet, in the first place?
The answer as to "why?", is simply money. The basis on which we were sold this scam is health, but the motivation is profit. A growing allergy problem against dairy produce within Western Society, coupled with mad cows disease and an increasing distrust of the farming and dairy industry, left our dieticians floundering. They became a willing target for an "alternate" protein source. Soya was just that. On top of that, scientists quickly discovered that soya contained two isoflavones, which they promoted for everything from menopausal relief to cancer protection. Health areas that were desperate for new ideas and suggestions of help showed how vulnerable the sufferer is, and proved a gold mine for the unscrupulous exploiter. Read this entrie article here.

Safety and Benefits of Phytoestrogens in Food - translated from a release from the French Food Safety Agency and the French Health Product Safety Agency

Solae withdraws soy/cancer health claim petition, Nov 10, 2005 -..."This represents a major blow to the soy industry," says Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD..."The FDA advised Solae on at least one occasion that it had not convincingly established that soy can prevent cancer and that it had failed to counter massive evidence that soy can cause, contribute to or accelerate cancer growth."... Read this article here.

French regulations - Read Dr. Mariette Gerber's analysis of soy isoflavones from infant formula in France in a letter to Dr. Daniel, and the Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie's recommended dosage in comparison to current French regulations: "...We recommended to drastically decrease isoflavone in soy infant formulae to get it as low as possible, 1mg/litre of reconstituted formula being optimal...We do not advise soy derived products for children below 3 years of age, because of insufficient nutritional value."... Read the whole letter here

Solae withdraws soy/cancer health claim petition By Jess Halliday 10/3/2005 - FDA's record on qualified health claims approvals is causing companies to re-think their petitions. In the light of recent decisions the FDA has handed down, The Solae Company has decided to temporarily withdraw its soy/cancer prevention claim. Read about it here.

They hailed it as a wonderfood.  Soya not only destroys forests and small farmers - it can also be bad for your health.  Read an article posted by Anthony Barnett in The Observer, Sunday November 7, 2004

In Argentina, agri-corporations plan to destroy the northern rain forests to clear the way for soybean production. Greenpeace Argentina appeals for you to make your voice heard in protest Here.  

For US readers, a new article in "Mothering" magazine is well-worth reading. It includes a well documented pointer to the industry influence that allowed soy foods to be labelled with health claims illegally by the US Food and Drug Administration  Mothering" Issue 124, May/June 2004  The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food Kaayla T. Daniel Weighing the benefits and the risks of soy. Dr Daniels book "The Whole Soy Story" is now available. Creative Health Soy information. Informative Nutrition & Healing web page by Dr Jonathan Wright.

Myths & Truths about Soy Food

Soy:  The Miracle Food Or Pandora's Box?

Do Soy Foods Negatively Affect Your Thyroid? A look at the Downside of Soy by Mary Shomon.

The Shadow of Soy, by Sean Carson.  Make sure you read the free chapter for Elaine Hollingsworths book "Take Control of Your Health".

"Lifestyle Magazine". Article puMothering" Issue 124, May/June 2004 n 2002 edition of this popular New Zealand Quarterly.

Natural Life Magazine #68 - Soy Infant Formula Dangerous to Babies, Say Groups

Is Soy Bad For You?  New research links the 'health' food to thyroid disorders.

A number of informative articles have been published in the MarketPlace Newsletter, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Follow these links to the articles. Spotlight on soy - new research, new concerns, Isoflavones pack a punch of unknown strength, Soy infant formula: What's in that bottle?Soy processing both ancient and modern.  These articles are the work of Barbara Gerber, a free-lance writer and editor who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They were written expressly for The MarketPlace News, the newsletter of The MarketPlace, an independent natural grocery not afraid to take risks.  If you wish to use these articles we ask that you do the following in good faith: Attribute them correctly and, if you excerpt them, please take nothing out of context.

"Two separate studies -- one in animals and the other in humans -- that considered together suggest that a diet high in soybeans and other legumes during pregnancy and breastfeeding may have a subtle but long-term impact on the development of children." writes Dr Mercola. Read the full article here Then go to Index for SOY for More links

The dangers of soy are also outlined on Islamonline.

Wingspread Statement. Soy is an endocrine disruptor.  Rachel's commentary on "Wingspread"

1999 Soy Symposium Abstracts "The Downside of Soy", By noted food writer Beatrice Trum Hunter

Food Commission Briefing Paper by Dr Mike Fitzpatrick and Sue Dibb.

Soy Foods Have Downside For Health Of Infants, Adults by Susan Star Paddock.

Thyroid Problems Mis-Diagnosed As Depression by Susan Star Paddock. Soy diets are simultaneously killing and preventing endangered cheetahs from breeding.

PSEBM01.pdf Dosing Babies with Isoflavones The Magic Bean? Soy-tainly not! Pseudo Puberty by the American Endocrine Society [** See page 4 re soy and ambiguous genitalia] "Soy and the Thyroid" April/May 2000 "Tragedy & Hype" by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig "Panacea or Poison?" By Don Matesz Weight Lifters Want to Get it Up Dangers of Soy Formulas Dr M G Fitzpatrick..Submission to US FDA Dec 2001 Newsletter Soy Alert by Debi Pearl.htm
Soy Alert by Christian author Debi Pearl

Alternative health guru Dr Jonathan Wright slams soy consumption. "Soybean is Bad" Wholeistic Health Attack on Soy Dr John Lee "Go Easy on Soy Foods".

pink-pills.htm "From Pink Pills to Phytoestrogens" by Award Winning Journalist Camille Guy "The Dark Side of Soy",6903,353660,00.html :"Soya Alert Over Cancer and Brain Damage Link" "The Other Side of Soy" "FDA Scientists Protest Soy Approval" "Doubts Cloud Rosy News on Soy"

Rural%20News.GIF "Poisoned Protein" "Learn the Truth About Soy" "You have to be Soy Careful"

Phillimore.htm "Soya; Cure or Curse?" "Spoilt milk: The Sour Side of Soy" "A Second Look at Soy Foods" "Making Sense Out of Soy" "Soy Scepticism" Health News NZ





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